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Obituaries for 2023

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Free Vulcan:

--- Quote from: Smokin Joe on September 26, 2023, 01:59:39 am ---One of my favorite lines from NCIS was when Jimmy asked 'Dr. Mallard' what he looked like when he was younger and he replied "A lot like Ilya Kuryakin."

I howled...

He will be missed, because I recall that role, too.

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There was an episode where Bishop sees a younger pic of him and just goes off on how good looking he was, and I don't think she was acting at that point. It was hilarious.

RIP Duck.

Always Like McCallum and enjoyed his work. My wife and I still laugh about how one day decades ago he came up in a conversation with my mother and she said about him "Oh that communist!" Apparently because he played a Russian character in The Man Frum Uncle she assumed that he was one in real life. The truth is that McCallum was actually quite conservative in his political views including the need for strong families.

I came across and old series he did offered on I think Tubi, called Sapphire and Steel from 1979 that I meant to check out, sounds interesting from the synopsis, the Brits did a lot of shows like this at that time.
A special force of interdimensional operatives protect the universe from evil forces trying to gain a foothold by disrupting the timeline. The strange energy beings are assigned to cases, when and where needed, and materialise on Earth as humans, each with specialist abilities to ascertain and then solve the problems.


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Baltimore Orioles Great Brooks Robinson dead at the age of 86


--- Quote from: catfish1957 on September 26, 2023, 10:15:25 pm ---Baltimore Orioles Great Brooks Robinson dead at the age of 86

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A man who actually belongs in the Hall of Fame! Thanks for all the memories Brooks! Rest in peace!


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