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Breaking — Kari Lake election lawsuit is going to trial…

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Kari Lake

BREAKING: Our Election Case is going to trial. Katie Hobbs attempt to have our case thrown out FAILED. She will have to take the stand & testify.

Buckle up, America.
This is far from over.

 Arizona judge dismisses most of Kari Lake’s lawsuit challenging election results
by Zach Schonfeld - 12/19/22 10:40 PM ET

An Arizona judge has dismissed most of Kari Lake’s election lawsuit contesting the victory of her opponent, Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs (D), after Lake for weeks seized on unproven voter fraud allegations.

Lake had asked the judge to set aside Hobbs’s certified victory based on 10 counts, alleging election officials in Maricopa County — which comprises most of the state’s population — committed misconduct and tabulated hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson on Monday evening dismissed eight of the 10 counts, ruling that they did not fall under the proper criteria to bring election challenges under Arizona law, even if true, so they did not merit further consideration.

But Thompson allowed a trial to move forward on two other counts that he said, if proven, could state a claim under the statute governing election challenges: alleged intentional interference by election officials affecting Maricopa County ballot printers and chain of custody violations.


Cyber Liberty:
The most important points of Kari Lake's are moving forward, despite The Hill's Rosy Scenario.

The Chain of Custody issue is extremely important because it concerns 350,000 or so problematic ballots.  Whistleblowers from Runbeck have spilled the beans.  That's part of the case still in play.

Hobbs and Richie are going to have to take the witness stand.

Weird Tolkienish Figure:

Cyber Liberty:

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