Author Topic: Ronna McDaniel brags about non-existent red wave as critics call for her to step aside  (Read 564 times)

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     Dec 8, 2022

Ronna McDaniel brags about non-existent red wave as critics call for her to step aside

"Her tenure needs to come to an end," said Laura Ingraham of McDaniel.

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Dec 8, 2022

Current RNC chair Ronna McDaniel bragged about the GOP's performance during the 2022 midterm elections, which has lead to some questioning whether or not she should remain in the position she's held since 2017.

During an appearance on Fox News, McDaniel said "With the RNC's record this cycle of turning out 4 million more Republicans, of winning state-wide in almost every battleground state proved that the turnout worked. From an RNC standpoint, we flipped the House and our ground game worked." 

Ingraham Angle host Laura Ingraham criticized McDaniel's comments during a segment on Wednesday, saying, "As we said last night, I said at the top of the show, the Angle likes Ronna McDaniel a lot. She's a wonderful person, but the results do speak for themselves. She's right about the House flipping, but it's time for change at the RNC. 

"Her tenure needs to come to an end. Every incumbent in the Senate running for Senate, stayed in the Senate. There were no Republican flips of any of the seats held by incumbent Democrats. What is that all about? What about early voting?

"Now, earlier today, congressman Lee Zeldin said he would not be running, noting that McDaniel's reelection, was pre-baked by design, but he also said that this doesn't mean he should be running again," said Ingraham,

GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin, who ran for governor of New York during this year's midterms, called for Ronna McDaniel to "step aside" as Chair of the Republican National Committee yesterday, adding that the party did not capitalize on what should have been a "red wave" in 2022.

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Wow. She lives in a "alternate universe."  Ronna will have competition to keep this post it seems...
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