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Need a Wallpaper? Check Out NASA’s James Webb Photo Gallery

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How-to Geek by Corbin Davenport 12/2/2022

Processed images from the James Web Space Telescope have been published on Twitter, the telescope’s official website, and other locations, but there’s another portal you may not have seen. NASA operates a Flickr profile for the telescope, which contains images of engineering tests, control centers, and best of all, space pictures.

You can browse through the whole collection in your browser, and saving the full-resolution version of an image is as easy as clicking the download button (the arrow pointing down). If you have a Flickr account, you can also follow the account to see new pictures. Flickr provides an RSS feed as well that you can subscribe to with your RSS app of choice, like Feedly or Inoreader.

The first few photos from the James Webb Space Telescope were already excellent wallpapers, but the Flickr gallery is being updated with the latest images. There’s a composite of the Pillars of Creation, two galaxies merging, Jupiter in infrared, and a fiery hourglass.

If the 32-year run (and counting) of the Hubble Space Telescope is any indication, the James Webb telescope should continue giving us fantastic images for years to come.

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