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Don’t steal from Tractor Supply… The customers are packing heat…

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Tractor Supply customer shoots out tire to stop shoplifters

FOX10 News 11/26/2022

Texas Yellow Rose:
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Wonder if they will attempt to make the "vile vigilante" pay for daring to stop a criminal.

--- Quote ---... Witnesses say a customer on the lot noticed the men allegedly wheeling the cart of goods to an SUV, and confronted them. The customer managed to pull one of the suspects from the car, while the other suspect was able to throw the vehicle into drive and attempted to leave the parking lot. 

"They kind of beat on each other inside the car, the guy was trying to get him so he wouldn't start the car," Maxie said of what he witnessed. "Unfortunately, he was able to get it started and floored it back so the guy had to step back so he didn't get hit. When he floored it back he came out this entrance place and went to that light right there and hit a U-turn and kind of did a couple donuts in the road."

The car wasn’t able to go far, however, due to a different customer pulling out a firearm and shooting out one of the getaway car’s tires.  ...
--- End quote ---
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Jack Russell:
I was just in Tractor Supply yesterday.  You just don't screw with farmers/ranchers around here, as most are armed.


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