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Thought and Speech


Persons think.

Persons speak.

Attributions of thought and speech to nouns or pronouns (and not named persons or sources) is intellectual and rhetorical cowardice, dishonesty, andl deceit.

For thought and speech to have integrity, they need to be attributed to named sources.

Cowards, liars, and disingenuous manipulators hide their thought and speech behind the anonymity of nouns and pronouns.

An unnamed source could be anyone and no one.

That's why thought and speech attributed to unnamed subjects, nouns, and pronouns is untrustworthy, at best, or counterfeit. 

Rumor is ...

... "All introductory, subordinate, adverbial clauses are followed by a comma." - my sophomore highschool composition teacher, Father Hickey, S.J.

Smokin Joe:
That unnamed source could be the chance alignment of the letters in alphabet soup, FWIW.


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