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Republican AGs attempt to block company with 'environmental activism' agenda from purchasing electri


Free Vulcan:
A group of 13 Republican attorneys general filed a motion on Monday urging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to prevent Vanguard, a large investment management company with a history of "environmental activism," from purchasing significant shares in publicly traded electricity providers, Fox News Digital reported.

According to legal documents, the coalition of Republicans, led by Utah AG Sean Reyes, pressed the FERC to hold a hearing to determine whether the firm should be given authority to buy large quantities of public utility shares.

State officials expressed concern that Vanguard, a strong supporter of environmental, social, and governance investing, could use its control over the utility companies to pressure decisions, such as investments in green energy over fossil fuels, that could ultimately drive up electricity costs for consumers.


The Global Reset crowd is coming at us from every angle.


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