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Rolling Blackouts Looming For New England


Rolling Blackouts Looming For New England
NOVEMBER 29, 2022
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By Paul Homewood


New England will have to learn the hard way, it seems:

This winter’s heating woes might not be limited to high bills for customers across the state: One small Massachusetts electric company is warning of a chance of “rolling blackouts.”

“For the last few years, the reliability of the electric grid has been deteriorating, especially in the winter in New England. This year is even worse. If there is an extended cold snap, there is a high probability of rolling blackouts,” General Manager of Groton Electric Light Department Kevin P. Kelly said in a statement posted online.

Kelly explains that the situation has been developing for years as baseload generation has been shut down in New England, with coal, oil, and nuclear plants being closed. In January 2022, 11% of the electricity produced in New England came from diesel fuel, Kelly wrote.

“At the present time, diesel fuel storage on the entire eastern seaboard is at historical lows and the government is creating a situation where refining in America is becoming so costly that the refiners are steadily closing,” Kelly said in the statement. “In the last year, America has lost over one million barrels per day of refining capacity. That cannot be restored quickly and will have to be made up using overseas suppliers.”


--- Quote from: rangerrebew on November 30, 2022, 03:31:36 pm --- New England will have to learn the hard way, it seems:
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Ain't gonna happen! **nononono* They are primarily liberal states which means they don't accept responsibility for their mistakes, but rather, blame conservatives somehow.  Like the "vast right wing conspiracy." :jail:

Free Vulcan:
Vote Rat, this is what you get.


--- Quote from: Free Vulcan on November 30, 2022, 03:35:59 pm ---Vote Rat, this is what you get.

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