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Louisiana Amendment 1 seeks to prevent noncitizen voting


Free Vulcan:

A joint resolution passed by both houses of Louisiana state government is up for vote in a December 10th statewide special election.

If it passes, Amendment 1 will codify in the Louisiana constitution that only American citizens can vote in any level of election statewide.


These are the kinds of things that Republican run states need to enact BEFORE we get to election season, not try and stop the fraud after the horse is out.

Good idea.

Well, duh?!!! Good for La!

Free Vulcan:

--- Quote from: BellyAche on November 30, 2022, 06:07:21 pm ---Well, duh?!!! Good for La!

--- End quote ---

Exactly. There are a lot of 'duh' things States can do to stop the Dem fraud machine, because States are in charge of their election systems, and should be.

Don't put it up to the FedGov to do election reform.


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