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Today's Toons 11/28/22

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This Thread Brought To You By The Number 0:

In Case You Missed It Dept.:

America is a great country where even a brain-damaged person can grow up to be president or senator.

Biden wants probe of Musk for foreign deals. If his ties to Ukraine & China are crooked, Elon could get 4 to 8 years in the White House.

I'm old enough to remember when Election Night ended with a winner. Now there are counts, recounts, lawsuits and denial. I say this all started when Little League started handing out participation trophies and nobody was a loser

Hamilton & Burr had the best way to hold an election. It's quicker & no one ever ended a duel saying the race is too close to call.

A thick clump of late blooming Crown Imperials will deter most cadaverer dogs. Follow the Clinton Foundation for more gardening tips.

Facebook has laid off 11,000 employees. Adding insult to injury, Mark Zuckerberg unfriended them.

My new favorite ballad is By the Time I Get to Phoenix, They'll Still Be Counting.

I got confused by all the yard signs Tuesday and I may have voted for a realtor.

That Paul Pelosi story disappeared faster than your Crypto stock.

Republicans can only blame themselves for losing Pennsylvania Tuesday. Dr Oz was so easy to beat even a caveman could do it.

NBC News in San Francisco reported that police body cam video showed Paul Pelosi greeted the SFPD at his door, then NBC suddenly pulled the story. Pelosi scandals disappear faster than your Crypto stock. In June, Paul kissed Nancy goodbye at the door and then he was arrested for drunk driving.

President Biden of all people suggests Elon Musk's foreign business ties be probed. He provides Internet service for Ukraine's army and owns a Tesla parts factory in Shanghai. If Musk's deals with Ukraine and China are found to be crooked, Elon could get four-to-eight years in the White House.

-- Argus Hamilton

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