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Former VA legislator suggests murdering Tucker Carlson and other conservatives


This guy is hideous.
--- Quote ---Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈
Lee Carter, a Democrat & former lawmaker in Virginia state who failed in his run to be Virginia's governor last year, suggests that @Timcast, @MattWalshBlog & @TuckerCarlson should be murdered. Carter identifies as a communist
3:19 PM · Nov 23, 2022
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This WashPost story is from 2018:
--- Quote ---In a whiplash-inducing confessional on Twitter, Carter, a Democratic delegate from Prince William County, recently told his 18,000 followers he needed to share details of his past before unidentified foes “try personal smears.”

Once, a few years back, he was fired from a job, he tweeted. At 18, while in the Marines, he was arrested for suspicion of assault, a charge he said was dismissed. A “terrible student” in high school, he said “horrible things” on the Internet — things that were “homophobic, trans-phobic, sometimes sexist or racially insensitive.”

The delegate’s compendium of lowlights included layoffs, a foreclosure and a car repossession and a time when the Confederate flag made him feel something more positive than the revulsion he currently experiences.

“I’m on divorce #3,” Carter, 31, continued, before describing himself as the victim of “abuse, including rape.”

“And just like everyone else under 35,” he tweeted, “I’m sure explicit images or video of me exists out there somewhere.”

He then took pains to reassure his audience he is no Anthony Weiner, the former congressman whose in flagrante selfies caused a national furor. “I never sent them unsolicited,” Carter wrote. “And never while I was in a relationship.” ...
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His fly probably is open.


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