Author Topic: Biden Administration Slammed for Signing Away $1 Billion in Climate Reparations  (Read 212 times)

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Legal Insurrection by  Leslie Eastman 11/22/2022

Despite Climate Czar John Kerry’s assertion, if it walks like reparations, and talks like reparations, it is reparations.

When I wrote about the climate “loss and damage pact” yesterday, I noted that Climate Czar John Kerry distanced himself from the term “reparations.”

    The US and other developed nations have long sought to avoid such provisions that could open them up to legal liability and lawsuits from other countries. And in previous public remarks, US Climate Envoy John Kerry had said loss and damage was not the same thing as climate reparations.

    “‘Reparations’ is not a word or a term that has been used in this context,” Kerry said on a recent call with reporters earlier this month. He added: “We have always said that it is imperative for the developed world to help the developing world to deal with the impacts of climate.”

    Details on how the fund would operate remain murky. The text leaves a lot of questions on when it will be finalized and become operational, and how exactly it would be funded. The text also mentions a transitional committee that will help nail down those details, but doesn’t set specific future deadlines.

It turns out I wasn’t the only one who concluded that the fund is, indeed, reparations. The Wall Street Editorial Board slammed the Biden administration for agreeing to this inanity.


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Has this money already been appropriated?

Or... can that be delayed until the incoming House is seated?

The Republican House could refuse to fund it -- I know, I'm dreamin' ...

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Once again,he NEVER does anything for free,so how much is "his" cut of the Billion?
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