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Arlington National Cemetery hosted a moving ceremony on Veterans Day Friday honoring those service members who died in defense of the United States. The cemetery is located on the grounds of Robert E. Lee's estate in Virginia. Joe Biden went to the cemetery in May and had to show ID to get out.

Veterans Day we remember our parents and grandparents who fought to prevent this country from turning into exactly what it is today.

President Biden battled jet lag as he addressed a climate conference in Cairo on Friday en route to this week's G-20 Summit in Indonesia. He didn't forget the solemnity of the day back home. Biden posted a picture of himself with his dog Major and wished every American a Happy Veterinarian's Day.

Today's inflation fighting tip: Bring up politics at the Thanksgiving table and save hundreds of dollars on Christmas gifts.

I'm Leaving Twitter is the new I'm Moving to Canada.

CBS series FBI #1 in the ratings. It's so realistic. Last week the agents raided Pat Boone's house for doing commercials on Fox News.

The White House accused the media today of twisting Biden's words by quoting him verbatim.

The Oscars will have a new category this year. Best Performance by a Democrat Who Pretended to Care about Crime and the Economy Two Days before the Election.

You can tell if Ron DeSantis did as well as it seems last night if the FBI raids his house.

Today Stormy Daniels said wait, wait it wasn't Donald it was Ronald.

Hurricane Nicole forced the evacuation of Trump's Mar a Lago, uprooting the family and 78 FBI agents.

President Biden ripped election deniers in his speech Wednesday, forgetting that Hillary denied Trump's 2016 victory for six years. She's still on the warpath about it. If for nothing else, Donald Trump will go down in history as the second president to get impeached for humiliating Hilary Clinton.

Bill Clinton came out and hit the campaign trail Tuesday, giving speeches for upstate New York Democratic congressional candidates. For twenty years, young women entering the workplace have heard nothing but warnings against having sex in the workplace. It's about time they heard the rebuttal.

San Francisco prosecutors charged David DePape with attempted murder for striking Paul Pelosi with a hammer at 2:00 a.m. in his home. Democrats are already insisting on common sense hammer control legislation. What likely kept Paul from getting killed is that he didn't drive himself to the hospital.

The Supreme Court justices spent six hours Wednesday jousting with attorneys on both sides of the case debating affirmative action in college admissions. It had its time. But in recent decades, affirmative action has resulted in the advancement of more unqualified people than the last name Biden.

President Biden tried to tamp down oil prices last week by releasing fifteen million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. He was hoping to appease cash-strapped motorists. To placate the left wing of his party's abhorrence of incarceration, Biden released the oil on its own recognizance.

-- Argus Hamilton

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