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Florida no longer looks like a swing state after DeSantis, Rubio lead big Republican wins


It's hard for me to put Rubio in the same category as DeSantis -- he just isn't. FL may no longer be considered a swing state, but it is a state that I think is needed to win the WH with 30 electoral votes, as well as TX's electoral votes. CA will always be blue, so that's a gonner for the GOP.

Florida no longer looks like a swing state after DeSantis, Rubio lead big Republican wins

Once considered the nation’s biggest swing state, Florida is looking more and more like a Republican stronghold.

The Sunshine State delivered Republicans some of their strongest wins in the 2022 midterm elections – even as the party fell broadly short of expectations in most other battlegrounds.

The state’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, and Sen. Marco Rubio both glided to victory against their respective Democratic opponents. DeSantis, whose star has shot up in the Republican Party, easily won another four-year term even as he is widely expected to be considering a presidential run in 2024.

Democrats underperformed in key demographics, especially younger voters, ceding ground up and down the ballot. They even failed to hold onto Miami-Dade County, the largest in the state and a longtime blue refuge, in the Senate and gubernatorial races.

“It was a mess, honestly,” said Susan MacManus, a veteran Florida political analyst and professor emerita at the University of South Florida, in an interview.

Democrats fell short on multiple fronts in Florida, MacManus said. They faced a drought in national funding, a failure to address a growing registration gap and a major misread on which issues would resonate with key voters.

“One size fits all absolutely never works in Florida,” she said.

Boasting 30 Electoral College votes and 28 House seats, Florida is bound to hold major influence over the national election map in 2024. Its population is the third largest of any U.S. state, and growing – but Democratic voter registration isn’t keeping up...

cato potatoe:
It skews about eight points to the right of the country.  Party ID in the exit polling was 42R - 28D, while registered voters are 36R - 34D.  DeSantis and Rubio did a solid job of suppressing the leftist blocs while turning out their base through EARLY VOTING.

Many conservatives moved out of blue and purple states into Texas and Florida. It stands to reason the state would get redder.

More reflecting on the quality of the dem candidates rather than the quality of rep candidates may be in order.  Self fluctuation may be fun but it produces a very jaded image...
The dems beat themselves..


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