Author Topic: Biden signs G20 declaration to ‘build on success’ of vaccine passports  (Read 102 times)

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American Military News by Justin Cooper 11/18/2022

President Joe Biden and 19 top world leaders recently signed off on a call to “build on the success” of “digital COVID-19 certificates.” The European Union and many others have referred to such certificates as “vaccine passports.”

World leaders at the annual G20 summit, which ended Nov. 16, signed a 52-point declaration detailing their shared values and how they’ll approach the biggest international challenges. Expansion of vaccine passport programs comes up in the 23rd point.

“We support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics, that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificates,” the declaration reads in part.


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In other words,"To restrict free travel".
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