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Arizona Republican Kari Lake is meeting with would-be transitional team

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I think Kari has the votes .... I'm just praying that circumstances have it that she is actually declared the winner.

I don't understand how the election officials could let this happen. 

They KNOW this has to be clean.

Already, they've soiled an election for the second time in a row with their idiocy. 

Let's assume that nothing illegal is going on.


People are losing their faith in all of this and while they don't like people saying it or calling them out on it, they are the ones who are squarely to blame. 

Other states got it done right and fast.

What's up with AZ and the morons in charge ?

Smokin Joe:

--- Quote from: HikerGuy83 on November 11, 2022, 02:26:09 am ---I like the C.S. Lewis quote in your signature.

It's amazing how well that man was able to articulate the human condition.

--- End quote ---
Thanks. Before I found that, I frequently mused how the state of humanity has changed. It once was "God save us from the fury of the Norsemen."

Now, more like "God save us from the fury of the do-gooders."

But C.S. Lewis put it so much more eloquently.


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