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Patriot Journal By Adam Casalino November 2, 2022

Clarence Thomas Drops the Hammer in Supreme Court – Normally Quiet Justice Says He Has No Clue What Diversity Means

What’s Happening:

Key Takeaways:

•   Supreme Court Justice Thomas blasted “diversity” during a case on affirmative action.

•   He pressed the NC Solicitor General to define the word, finding his definition lacking.

•   Thomas said the same arguments were used to defend segregation, a damning response.

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments over a case that could totally transform American colleges. For decades, institutions of higher learning have prioritized admissions based on race. Affirmative action is a policy that gives certain applicants special privilege because they are a person of color.

This policy has discriminated against students who otherwise would have gotten into college. Lawsuits against this practice reached the highest court. One advocate for affirmative action defended it before Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, claiming it ensured “diversity.” When he defined diversity for Thomas, the justice gave a withering rebuke.

From The Western Journal:

    North Carolina Solicitor General Ryan Y. Park sought to convince the court of the value of affirmative action, claiming that its use resulted in “diverse” groups of people performing at a higher level…

    Thomas scrutinized what the state considers “diversity,” noting that the word “seems to mean everything for everyone.” He asked York for a specific definition and to explain how what he described benefited the University of North Carolina…


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Diversity is what the Woke Left says it means, up and until the second they decide that it means something different, even if it's completely contradictory to what they just said it meant.
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