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Virginia Democrat launches bill to prosecute parents who do not 'affirm' children's 'gender identity


Virginia Democrat launches bill to prosecute parents who do not 'affirm' children's 'gender identity'
Post Millennial, Oct 14, 2022

A Democratic Virginia lawmaker has announced new legislation that would give the state the ability to investigate and prosecute parents who refuse to affirm their child's "gender identity."

On Sept. 16, Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin reversed the state's school policies which allowed for children's gender transitions to be hidden from parents and for students to be placed in sex-segregated environments based on how they identify, instead of their biology.

Just a month later, progressive delegate Elizabeth Guzman announced that she would introduce a bill that would hold parents criminally liable for refusing to treat their children as the opposite sex if they identify as such.

The Democratic delegate's bill would expand the state's definition of child abuse and neglect to include parents not "affirming" their children's "gender identity." According to Guzman, this is reason enough to not only conduct a Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation, but also a police investigation.

Guzman threatened that these investigations could lead to parents catching felony charges, and could "harm your employment."


Free Vulcan:
Bought and paid for by the pedophile lobby no doubt.

So, does that mean a parent who refuses to allow their self-identified hetero-sexual male juveile to subscribe to Penthouse and to buy a Natural Light 30 pack is going to be sentenced to hard time?

How do they reconcile a "safe space" for testerone fueled male heterosexuality with this gender-bender wussy stuff?  What's good for the transgenered gander is good for the heterosexual gander.

Or, are they trying to eliminate male heterosexuality from the human race?

"Tucker Carlson SLAMS Virginia Democrat over proposed bill that would allow government to prosecute parents who refuse to “affirm” children’s “gender identity.” (Video)

--- End quote ---


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