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What is your favorite Halloween candy? 👻🎃🍭

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It’s that time Of year again…

So a poll just for fun. Up to 6 answers per person.

Guests are welcome.

 pumpkincat ghoul6 ghoul7 ghoul8 ghoul9 pumpkin-nice

Texas Yellow Rose:
In my day most of those listed didn't exist ... except M&Ms.  My absolute favorite candy was Root Beer Barrels.  I never had them except on Halloween!    333cleo

During my trick-or-treat years, I always hoped for Butterfingers and Three Musketeers. Num num num.

Lando Lincoln:
Me?  I was always partial to Hershey's Milk Chocolate.  I would grab some bars or a handful of kisses and raid the refrigerator for cold milk to accompany my chocolate binge.  Loved it.  Mom would smile and shake her head. 

Charleston Chew.


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