Author Topic: Dish: SpaceX Request for Mobile Starlink Service a 'Lawless, Pirate Application'  (Read 1195 times)

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PC Mag by Michael Kan September 23, 2022

Dish Network is opposing SpaceX's FCC request to access the 2GHz spectrum for a Starlink satellite mobile service that will serve cellular dead zones.

SpaceX's plan to offer a Starlink service for mobile users is facing resistance from Dish Network, which is demanding the FCC reject the company’s application for the necessary radio spectrum.

On Thursday, Dish Network sent a terse one-page filing(Opens in a new window) to the FCC, objecting to SpaceX's request to access the 2GHz radio band to power the mobile Starlink service.   

“Any such evaluation need only be brief. This is a lawless, pirate application. The Commission should dismiss it without accepting it for filing,” Dish said. In addition, the company wants to participate in all FCC proceedings about the matter.