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DeSantis passed the hurricane test ...Don Surber


Saturday, October 01, 2022
DeSantis passed the hurricane test

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A 500-year hurricane wiped out most of Florida this week. The Tampa Bay Times described the devastation.

The newspaper said, "It wasn’t just the coastline, though it took most of the blow.

"As Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, the beach towns were the first to go as water and winds up to 150 mph decimated paradise towns from Fort Myers Beach to Punta Gorda — a city familiar with disaster, taking close to a decade to recover from 2004′s Hurricane Charley.

"Houses were torn from foundations by water that acted as a conveyor belt. Personal belongings and building materials fused with wet earth.

"But the wrecked beach towns marked only the beginning.

"An hour northeast of Fort Myers, in rural inland communities like Arcadia, the extent of the damage began to reveal itself Friday.

"The trunks in the orange groves bend to the right or left, mapping the trail of the storm that blazed through the farming community."

The cleanup will take months. Recovery will take years. Even for a state that deals with hurricanes every year, this one could be too much.

But 4 years ago, Floridians elected the right Florida Man to run the state government. He didn't wind up in a motel room drunk and stoned with male hookers. DeSantis knew what to do and is doing it.



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