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American Girl:
Biden’s Brain Malfunctions In Real Time At League Of Conservation Voters Dinner – The Audience Reaction Speaks Volumes (Video)

Good god, 2024 can’t come fast enough!

This is just embarrassing to our country

BIDEN: "We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean"

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American Girl:
That pelvic contact... man, that's a lot of body language communication by itself.
It's ok, they are friends. He was 40 and she was 17. It's all good.

The problem is that his math is way off. When he was 40, she was 8.

BIDEN: "You realize that 26 out of every 100 in grades kindergarten through 12 speak Spanish? No, think about it! What in the hell—heck are we talking about here?"

Biden completely made up that statistic.

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Biden wraps up his remarks in Connecticut: "Alright, God save the queen, man"
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