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VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg Described Himself as the "Impossible Burger" of Politics



--- Quote ---Pete Buttigieg in 2019 when he was a presidential candidate, decribed himself as offering the public Impossible Burgers. He described it as a "metaphor" and it turns out that is what the Democrats are doing. Offering Impossible Burgers to the public. Recession? Actually that is somehow good for you. Open borders? Hey, the Director of Homeland Security Mayorkas has described the border as secure so enjoy that IMPOSSIBLE Burger. Inflation? It was only transitory so enjoy the minor month to month increase in the rate of inflation. Another economic IMPOSSIBLE Burger for you  to pretend to enjoy.

Despite people hating it and wondering "WHERE'S THE BEEF?" the Democrats continue to serve up unappetizing Impossible Burgers.
--- End quote ---

He's right.

He sucks in more ways than one......

He's a nothingburger, utterly lacking in substance or accomplishments.


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