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Pennsylvania: An Inspirational Message from Doug Mastriano (R for Governor)

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Lando Lincoln:
Very well done.


The face of a man who knows the magnitude of what’s at stake. Just a regular dude running a grassroots campaign as he takes on a machine with far more $ and resources; But he has God on his side and he will WIN.

Covfefe is for closers 🇺🇸

9:15 PM · Oct 1, 2022  Twitter for iPhone

"Incredible video for @SenMastriano.  Hundreds of patriots (700) gathered together in the Philadelphia suburbs 🇺🇸

CNN won’t show this"  (Video)

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“Conservatives have no support in the Philly suburbs”  The Philly suburbs:"  (Video)

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"MASTRIANO: On Day 1 the sexualization of our kids in schools will be DONE"  (Video)

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