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Shocking video shows little girl rub the CROTCH of performer at ‘family-friendly’ Tennessee drag sho


Shocking video shows little girl rub the CROTCH of performer at ‘family-friendly’ Tennessee drag show
September 29, 2022 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

There is widespread outrage after a video surfaced showing a little girl at a “family-friendly drag show” held at a Tennessee brewery rubbing the crotch of a performer dressed as Ariel, the Little Mermaid while onstage.

The child appears to pat the performer below the waist and then rub up and down in the groin area. This is the same event where performers spread their legs in front of children, according to the Daily Mail.

The “Pride Youth Day” drag show was held at the Wanderlinger Brewing Company which is now claiming they are the victims of a Republican smear campaign.

A spokesperson for Chattanooga Pride told NewsChannel 9 that the performer is a biological woman who has performed for children in the area a number of times. They also claimed that all of the Disney Princess impersonators who performed at the show were biological women.

Chattanooga Pride also asserts that the video was taken out of context and that it did not show the performer moving the little girl’s hands away from her. The performer also contends that she distanced herself from the child after the video ends.

“Her tail was made out of a reversible sequin fabric, which is why the younger child was touching it. What the video did not show was the performer redirecting the child by shifting to the side,” the spokesperson added.

Chatanooga Pride claims that the drag performer who spread her legs, showing underwear, was at an event where children were not allowed to attend. However, a child can be clearly seen right next to that performer.

Portraying themselves as victims, the spokesperson claims that the organization and the brewery have received death threats after the video went viral.

Conservative activist Robby Starbuck bluntly commented, “I think it’s clearly wrong. If you look at even some of the biggest drag queens in the world, they’re no stranger to admitting the fact that this is a very sexual, you know, sort of, we’ll call it an art form.”

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How much more will we degenerate as a society?  I say we fall further as long as the Democommie Party remains in existence.  With them, anything goes.  Heck, we have a pedophile as POTUS.


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