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VIDEO: Anti-Trumper Revealed as Promoting October Surprise Action



--- Quote ---The news media is treating Kristofer Goldsmith as merely a concerned veteran worried about extremism. However, as you can see, he is an integral part of Operation Butler which will present the entirely artificial Patriot Front run by undercover feds as an example of an extremist group to be cracked down upon for entirely political reasons as part of the October Surprise. Not only has Goldsmith, who claims to have studied the Patriot Front for years, entirely missed what is more that obvious to all, namely that it is run by undercover feds but he has revealed himself as a Republican hating extremist partisan in an MSNBC interview in 2021.

Oh, and if you are an FBI Whistleblower, now is a good time to expose this FRAUD and the Operation Butler October Surprise.
--- End quote ---


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