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VIDEO: Jamie Raskin Defends Ray Epps as "Poor Schmuck Trying to Survive"



--- Quote ---LEAVE RAY EPPS ALONE! That is the  message projected by J6 Committee member Jamie Raskin when questioned about Epps. You could have peacefully entered the Capitol on January 6, 2021 while being encouraged to do so by the Capitol Police and exited just as peacefully but still end up rotting in a D.C. jail. Yet if you were the biggest instigator encouraging people to enter the Capitol that day, the Democrats such as Raskin will go out of their way to protect you if your name is Ray Epps. Naw! He wasn't a fed. Riiiiight. Oh, and I suppose that Luke Robinson aka #GingerGun who was the ONLY armed person among the protestors that day is only a "poor schmuck trying to survive."
--- End quote ---

People milling around on the outskirts of the Capitol on Jan. 6 are facing criminal charges while instigator Ray Epps continues to go unscathed. Yeah, poor schmuck.


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