Author Topic: Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia Coercing Parents  (Read 140 times)

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Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia Coercing Parents
« on: September 23, 2022, 01:13:17 pm »
Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia Coercing Parents

Exposed: in-house CHOP training videos teaching staff how to coerce parents into accepting gender transition for their kids

The American Conservative
22 September, 2022

Years ago, I worked briefly for the Templeton Foundation in Philadelphia, which at the time was run by the (now-deceased) Dr. Jack Templeton, the son of the founder, Sir John Templeton. Jack was a surgeon by training, and one of the world's best pediatric surgeons. I met someone in Philly who, when they found out where I worked, told me that the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia was known as "The House that Jack Built," so great was Dr. Templeton's reputation there.

I am glad, I guess, that Dr. Templeton -- a man of God -- is not alive to see what has become of CHOP. The courageous activist Billboard Chris brings the news. Please forgive the threading problem; I don't know how to do this correctly on the new TAC software. You've got to watch these videos. This, parents, is what we are up against:

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As Chris points out, these are TRAINING VIDEOS produced by the hospital for the sake of coercing parents into consenting to the gender transition of their children.

Why does it fall to a parent activist like Billboard Chris and Megan Eileen to do the journalism that the Philadelphia Inquirer ought to be doing? Because the Inquirer is not about reporting the news, but managing it.

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UPDATE: How brave is Billboard Chris Elston? This is what pro-trans Antifa people did to him in Montreal, in his native Canada:

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