Author Topic: The clean green future where you’re locked indoors due to toxic electrical battery smoke  (Read 142 times)

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The clean green future where you’re locked indoors due to toxic electrical battery smoke
by Jo Nova

Just another day saving the Earth from pollution
Highways were shut for 12 hours and people had to seal themselves in their homes for hours.

Green Inferno: Tesla Battery Catches Fire in California Causing Shelter-In-Place

A Tesla Megapack battery caught fire at PG&E’s Elkhorn Battery Storage facility in Monterey County, California. A shelter-in-place advisory was in place for 12 hours due to fears of toxic smoke from the fire caused by Elon Musk’s battery system, with county officials announcing that even though the fire was “fully controlled” by 7:00 p.m. PT, “smoke may still occur in the area for several days.”

Monterey County Sheriff’s Office, North County Fire Protection District, and Pacific Gas & Electric had all issued a shelter-in-place advisory for nearby areas, including an interactive map showing which areas are affected and closing roads for over 12 hours.

Local residents were told to shut all windows and turn off ventilation systems due to the hazardous waste material that may have entered the atmosphere due to the Tesla Megapack fire.

Also this week, but so much worse:

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Wait 'til these things start bursting and burning en masse...

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Oh, yay!

Now huge swaths of population can have a lithium imbalance...
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