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Glenn Youngkin Sends the Left Into Orbit By Blocking Transgender Agenda


Glenn Youngkin Sends the Left Into Orbit By Blocking Transgender Agenda
By Bonchie | 10:30 AM on September 18, 2022

While the news cycle has been firmly focused on Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida for sending illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, there’s another Republican governor in the country also delivering results.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin rose to power in 2021 after shocking the pollsters and defeating Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe, who was running for a second, non-consecutive term. The Republican’s victory was largely predicated on cultural issues, specifically dealing with what is being taught and done in public schools. On that subject, Loudoun County became ground zero after numerous reports revealed the school board had covered up a sexual assault in a girl’s restroom by a cross-dressing boy.

After taking office, Youngkin signed a series of orders to deal with the situation while the newly minted attorney general, Jason Miyares, began investigations. Now, the fight continues. Youngkin has reversed a policy that required schools to use someone’s “preferred pronouns” and that allowed different sexes to the bathroom and locker rooms of their “choice.”

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I am liking this governor more and more.  Well done, Gov. Youngkin!

"They're walking out of school in the most liberal part of Virginia because Glenn Youngkin decided that parental consent should be required before children can be called by a different name or gender in schools and make decisions that could lead to irreversible bodily harm."  (Video)

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It’s a snap to get large numbers of students to walk out of school. Any pretense will do. It’s not as if half the student body wants to be there anyway. All you need is an organizer to goose a few student leaders and its of to the races.

He was not my first choice, but I am pleased to see that he is doing such a good job.


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