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Clint Smith Challenging Andy Biggs

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I am surprised at how many people I talk to are supporting Smith over Biggs.

I've seen a lot of bumper stickers that say "Retire Andy Biggs". 

People who vote for Smith would be disaffected Republicans for the most part.

Which means he becomes Ross Perot and seat goes democratic. 

I really had always assumed Biggs was safe.

538 has no polling information.

Now, I am a little concerned.

Open Secrets indicates that Smith is working with about 1/12th the funds Biggs has. 

On a side note...Biggs has raised 1.4 million.  Don't know what it takes to run a race.....but I still have to wonder how Kelly is sitting on such a huge pile of cash.

Voting for Biggs.

Liz cheney is only one state away, maybe she's pissing away some of her graft.........

RINO's are doing their best to mess with anyone in the Freedom Caucus, and their support for DJT.

RAM is touting Smith now. 

They also list Kelly.....

Not sure that will help Smith in such a conservative district.


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