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Why Does Ruben Gallego Seem To Get Away With Lying All The Time

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Ruben Gallego looks like a George Costanza with hair and a beard, sans glasses.

We live in an era of Costanza-ism.  The "truth" is whatever you need it to be in the moment to fit the narrative of the moment.

An ideal library would not have a fiction and non-fiction section.  It would not be up to the Librarian Establsihment to make that determination.  All the books and periodicals would be randomly arranged, and it would be up to the individual reader to decide what was ficiton and non-fiction.

Todays truth is yesterday's myth.  Today's myth is tomorrow's truth.

The GOP needs to focus on it's message.

The AZ GOP needs a that works.  Donald Trump is not a message.

Outside groups need to be pounding the liar/whackjob Gallego constantly. 

He even has people inside his camp who think he's sold them out.

The real problem, of course, is that his seat will go to a democrat.  As near as I can tell, the GOP has written off his district.

This POS is now official.

If he will really suck.


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