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Why Does Ruben Gallego Seem To Get Away With Lying All The Time

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This guy has been running off at the mouth for as long as he's been in office.

And getting away with it. 

I don't get it. 

He may be entrenched, but it seems he coudl take a little more heat.

Just so everyone knows....he plans to be around in the house a long long long time.

At a Washington fundraising event in September for his congressional campaign, Gallego told donors that he plans to spend the next 25 to 30 years in the House, all but ruling out a future run for the Senate.

“I’ll be trying to work my way fast into leadership,” Gallego said in a subsequent interview. “As a congressman, you can do more for your state the more seniority you have, the better committees you get.”


He is being encouraged to take on Krysten Sinema. 

While I know most on this board don't like her, having that ***hole represent the state would be TERRIBLE.

Somehow, the GOP needs to put some pressure on that clown or flush him out. 

As far as I am concerned....he is skating right now.

Gallego won his district with 75% of the vote.

Gallego is an extreme leftis:

I don't read "The Nation" as a matter of course, but in searching for some background on Gallego I came across this one:

Ruben Gallego’s Fury Over Uvalde Is Exactly Why He Must Challenge Sinema

If Gallego were in Sinema's spot, we'd be in tough shape on a couple of things.  The thought of him just sickens me. 

And it might happen.  I hope the GOP is really working to get one or two people ready for 2024. 

Senator Gallego ===>   :bsflag: :bsflag: :bsflag:

If this guy ever gets to a position of power within senate, it would be scary. 

Really reall y scarry.

So this is a year old and I have not read much more on the subject (but I've been busy).....

This groups seems a bit extreme....but they feel that Gallego has abandoned them.

Gallego is up for his fifth term.  I wonder if he's settled into D.C. life ?

He has entered the race.

He's a liar and a whackjob.

And I am truly worried he'll win.


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