Author Topic: Will Starlink Let SpaceX & T-Mobile Steal Dish’s $5 Billion 5G Pie?  (Read 1301 times)

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Are Starlink and T-Mobile Partnering Up To Provide Connectivity Services & Compete With DISH?

SpaceX's Starlink user dishes use the 12Ghz frequency band to download data from the satellites, and the 12Ghz proceeding at the FCC is discussing whether to open this band up for terrestrial services. SpaceX asserts that if this were to happen then its Starlink terminals will face excessive interference from the new services and therefore result in severe degradation of service quality. DISH and Michael Dell's RS Access, LLC on the other hand believe that technological advances will result in little interference, as they reverse their earlier claims that terrestrial and satellite services cannot co-exist in the band.

Against this backdrop, SpaceX submitted an application to the FCC earlier this month where it sought the Commission's permission to use the 2GHz band for mobile satellite services (MSS). The interesting bit about this filing was that DISH is using the same band, officially referred to as AWS-4, to provide Voice over New Radio (VoNR) service which allows users to use smartphones for routing voice calls over a 5G network.

DISH uses three separate spectrums for this service, and this is where T-Mobile enters into the fray. For VoNR, DISH uses the AWS-4 band (2000-2020 Mhz, 2180-2200 Mhz), the Lower 700 Mhz E Block and AWS-H (1915-1920 Mhz, 1995-2000 MHz) bands.