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Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘Biden DOJ and FBI were planning to assassinate Pres Trump’
May 22, 2024 | Kevin Haggerty

Unsealed filings in the former president’s classified documents case prompted a deadly serious conclusion from Georgia Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R) and calls for accountability.

“Does everyone get it yet???!!!!”

At the time former President Donald Trump’s indefinitely delayed trial was meant to have been underway, new filings were unsealed that included details about the “Operations Order” the FBI was working with when they raided Mar-a-Lago in August 2022. That it contained the Department of Justice’s policy on “Use Of Deadly Force” had the congresswoman concluding the current administration had green lit a plan “to assassinate Pres Trump.”

Tuesday on X, Greene had made the assertion while captioning a Truth Social post from the president that read, “WOW! I just came out of the Biden Witch Hunt Trial in Manhattan, the ‘Icebox,’ and was shown Reports that Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ, in their illegal and UnConstitutional Raid of Mar-a-Lago, AUTHORIZED THE FBI TO USE DEADLY (LETHAL) FORCE. NOW WE KNOW, FOR SURE, THAT JOE BIDEN IS A SERIOUS THREAT TO DEMOCRACY. HE IS MENTALLY UNFIT TO HOLD OFFICE — 25TH AMENDMENT!”

She remarked, “I made sure that he knew. The Biden DOJ and FBI were planning to assassinate Pres Trump and gave the green light. Does everyone get it yet???!!!! What are Republicans going to do about it? I tried to oust our Speaker who funded Biden’s DOJ AND FBI, but Democrats stopped it.”

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Timber Rattler:
I read the emails in question, and they don't say what MTG and others are claiming at the top of the lungs.  The key word is "engage," and it is not used in the context of armed combat as in the military but in the legal sense, in which attorneys for DOJ and USSS "engage with one another to negotiate some agreement to enter Mar-a-Lago.  So, no the FBI was not planning on shooting it out with the Secret Service, despite the hysteria.


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