Author Topic: Antifa Soy Boy Starts A Fight But Gets The Soul Knocked Out Of Him By A Skater (Video)  (Read 298 times)

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Lol! Look at his silly punches, slaps at best, once the guy's hand is free he throws a real one. It would be better for Antifa to stay away from the country boys.

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Antifa punk gave the guy a little opening and he dropped him like a bag of wheat.

Very nice.
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That dude got knocked the fug out.
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POS Antifa is lucky he didn't get the guys skateboard up to his head a few times, props to the skateboarder for keeping it to his fists which were more than up to the task.

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In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
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Antifa Soy Boy was a poseur.  Real Antifa wear all black without logos or emblems to use the cover of darkness as camouflage when committing crimes.

Wearing "Antfia" merchandise and logos makes it way too easy for the cops to find you.
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