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Report: ‘Near Certainty’ GOP Had Record Turnout in Arizona Primaries

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Report: ‘Near Certainty’ GOP Had Record Turnout in Arizona Primaries

Nick Gilbertson 4 Aug 2022

Arizona voters appear to have set a new record in Republican primary voting turnout on Tuesday, according to a local analyst.

“With the total number of GOP votes in, combined with what is left outstanding it is a near certainty at this point that Republicans will smash turnout records for a primary,” tweeted ABC 15 journalist Garrett Archer on Wednesday night.

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In looking at the gubernatorial primaries specifically, Republican votes outnumbered Democrat votes by 157,753 as of  Thursday at 8:15 p.m. EST, according to the Associated Press election results compiled by the New York Times. Thus far, 660,735 Arizonans’ ballots for Republicans have been counted, with 17 percent of the vote still out, meaning this number will grow substantially. Conversely, Democrat gubernatorial primary candidates drew 502,982, but the number will rise, considering 19 percent of the ballots have yet to be tabulated.


PeteS in CA:
Record GOP turn-out? I blame Trump! wink777  yogi555

That's a good sign.  Let's hope it holds up for the actual elections in November.

I read on the Internet that there was massive vote fraud - Hugo Chavez's parrot hacked the ballot machines.

I read it just after I wrote it.

How can I trust any outcome of any election ever?

Did we ever get a final say on whether it was a record or not ?

The problem being that it has been reported that several democrats switch affiliations to influence the outcome.


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