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5 hours ago
Sen. Hagerty slams Biden, IRS over calling for bank data: 'This is just like the Chinese Communist Party'
WSJ editorial board argues 'Inflation Reduction Act' will lead to more IRS audits and increased taxes


Sen. Bill Haggerty joined "Mornings with Maria" Wednesday to discuss the "Inflation Reduction Act" and its connection to the IRS and increased taxes for Americans. Hagerty argued Democrats and the IRS want to "snoop" into Americans' data in order to "justify" more spending, despite being in a recession.

SEN. BILL HAGERTY: Clearly, they want all of our data. This is just like the Chinese Communist Party. They want to be able to snoop and look into every aspect of our life. And that amount of data creates a tremendous amount of reporting overhead. It's going to increase costs for businesses that have to make all these reports. It's going to make it next to impossible for small businesses and entrepreneurs to deal with. They don't care. They're so out of touch with the economy and out of touch with reality that they're just going to continue to plow through because this generates fictitious numbers that they use here in the Congress to justify even more massive spending.
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Sounds like it would violate the 4th Amendment.  The Federal Goverment has power to tax income, but it does not have power to tax account balances.  They have no legal justification for confiscating this information.

Sounds like a Chicago P.D. tv show "sneak and peek" by agents of the government to circumvent the legal protections and requirements of the 4th Amendment.

If this were to become law, there should be provision that requires the publication of every account of every elected Federal official, their spouses, their children, their ex-spouses, their siblings, their romantic partners, their office staff, and any trusts of which they are a trustee of beneficiary ... that inlcudes Joe and Hunter Biden, and Hunter's crack dealer, stripper girlfriend of the hour, and art gallery that "sells" his work.  Oh, and we can't forget the Pelosi's, the Warrens, etc.  And another thing, don't forget those "loans" that they never have to pay back.

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

... not to mention the seizure of credit markets as people make runs on financial institutions to withdraw their funds.

On the bright side, the resulting decrease in circulating dollars, and contraction of credit markets, may help with inflation.
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Bank account analysis is routinely done to determine whether there is unreported income. 

Also, under current Supreme Court jurisprudence, there is no expectation of privacy in bank records.  The records belong to the bank, not to the individual customer, and the government can request those records from the bank.  United States v. Miller:

So, in short, other than statutory protections, the government can constitutionally obtain a person's bank records from the bank with which he/she/it does business.

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The Executive only has the authority that is granted to it by the Constitution and Laws of Congress.  For the Executive Order to have heft, the Constitution or Congress must have delegated those powers to the Executive for them to act upon it.

If Executive Order can be used to sneak and peek into citizens private finances, what's to stop Executive Orders to create gun ownership and abortion registries?  The Government just wants to casually know who they may have to disarm or imprison.

Republican Congressmen need to fulfill their damn oversight responsibilities over the Executive, instead of convening a circle jerk of investigations to nowhere.
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