Author Topic: Dems snuck unrelated spending into veterans’ bill, then ‘unleashed pseudo-celebrity’ Jon Stewart to  (Read 124 times)

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Dems snuck unrelated spending into veterans’ bill, then ‘unleashed pseudo-celebrity’ Jon Stewart to trash GOP for opposing it
August 1, 2022 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Republican Senator Pat Toomey hotly defended his vote against the burn pits bill on Sunday, calling out “pseudo-celebrities” such as Jon Stewart for attacking him and Democrats for using vets as political pawns.

The bill would have ostensibly expanded healthcare benefits for veterans exposed to burn pits during their service. However, Democrats reportedly inserted legislation that had nothing to do with that. When Republicans were not allowed to amend the bill and voted against it, the left then proceeded to insinuate they hate veterans.

Stewart targeted Toomey after the vote and excoriated Republicans for standing against the bill. He called Toomey a “f***ing coward” when the bill failed.

The PACT Act has long been promoted by Stewart. It is meant to assist veterans who were exposed to burn pit toxins in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of these service members now suffer from asthma and deadly cancers, according to Stewart.

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