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Yes, well, at least she's still unburdened by what has been.
--- Quote ---Citizen Free Press
You know damn well Queen Kamala is not pleased to be standing next to Gavin Newsom, as he gets the credit for reopening the 10 Freeway. She barely claps, then turns away.
Deep inside she knows she will never be President.
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The artificial intelligence queen has spoken, and we all can rest easy.
Kamala Harris says AI robots like Schwarzenegger in "Terminator" are "not a current threat."

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Kamaltoe says it's our responsibility to revitalize the Palestinian Authority and to rebuild Gaza.

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I always cringe whenever I read these from her because it reminds me that she’s one heartbeat away from the presidency

That keeps me awake at night

Democrats want to put America on the hook for rebuilding Ukraine and rebuilding Gaza. America does not have that kind of slush money available anymore. It has all been gobbled up. Remember when Bush tried to rebuild Iraq and it turned out to be a total scam. All the money vanished and nothing was accomplished. Every 'rebuilding' schtick turns into a network of favored contractors and money laundering. And nothing actually gets rebuilt.


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