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She's unburdened by what has been. Or by working brain cells.

Kammy grooves with some gay guy.

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Kommyla is all about her Converse sneakers.
Nothing like a slurping interviewer!  *****rollingeyes*****

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--- Quote from: mountaineer on June 22, 2023, 12:42:39 pm ---"I think of those two frogs. You know the two frogs and the two pots? So there are two pots of water and two frogs..."

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What an idiot!

Yeah, happy Independence Day to you too, b***h.

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As we’re seeing an increase in racism, white supremacy, misogyny, and the attacking of people for who they are and want to be, I’m proud of the work my husband @DougEmhoff has been doing to fight antisemitism.

3:32 PM · Jul 3, 2023

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What's up with that tie?  :pondering:


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