Author Topic: Washington Post: Media Overlooked 70+ Chicago Shooting Victims Weekend of Highland Park Attack  (Read 349 times)

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Washington Post: Media Overlooked 70+ Chicago Shooting Victims Weekend of Highland Park Attack

AWR Hawkins 7 Jul 2022

The Washington Post admitted Wednesday that the corporate media ignored Chicago’s 70+ July 4 weekend shooting victims while zooming in on the Highland Park attack.

“There are no crowdsourced charity drives raising millions for victims’ families in Chicago,” where the number of dead and injured shooting victims far exceeded the number killed and injured in the Highland Park attack, Robert Klemko noted in the Post.

Breitbart News reported that at least 71 people were shot in Chicago over the July 4 weekend. Eight of those shooting victims ultimately succumbed to their wounds.

The Post put the number of deceased Chicago shooting victims at ten.

Chicago South Side resident Bobbie Brown contrasted the outpouring of attention and concern directed at Highland Park with what residents of Chicago’s war zone have received, saying, “They have a lot of resources there in Highland Park…Ain’t that something? Our babies see people get shot while they’re at a playground, and there’s no counseling. They have to suck it up and deal with it.”

“In communities scarred by weekly and sometimes daily violence on the South Side, news of the Highland Park shooting was met with mixed emotions. For many, the rapid response — aided by Chicago police officers lent north — poured salt in very recent wounds,” the Post noted.

“It was sad to hear about Highland Park, but at the same time, we’re used to that kind of stuff here,” Champagne Gardner, a nursing assistant on the South Side, said.

“I don’t allow my kids outside. I don’t have any friends. I don’t come and socialize in this area. I don’t trust it here,” Shermiya, a South Side resident who is “a Triton college-trained engineer,” said.

She spoke of the attention Highland Park received, saying the media coverage “was on for hours and hours.”

“And it’s like, people are getting shot every day around here, around the corner, up the street. But they still don’t cover it because it’s not enough White people down here,” Shermiya added.
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Of course they did; because the media is overwhelmingly leftist, and therefore overwhelmingly racist.