Author Topic: Chicago 4th of July weekend violence begins with 22 people shot, 4 fatally, in 20 hours  (Read 522 times)

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Chicago 4th of July weekend violence begins with 22 people shot, 4 fatally, in 20 hours
Audrey Conklin - Yesterday 12:07 PM

July 4th weekend began violently in Chicago on Friday with 22 people shot, including four fatally, all within the span of 20 hours, according to Chicago police.

"We need to remember every single day on every single watch, our brave men and women of the Chicago Police Department are out there literally risking their lives for our safety," Mayor Lori Lightfoot said during a Friday press conference, reminding residents to "say thank you" to officers.
Chicago Police Department (CPD) Superintendent David Brown said the 4th of July weekend is a "big weekend," and the month of July is "very challenging" in terms of public safety.

"There's no reason why everyone can't enjoy the holiday and every event safety. Parents, please, please know where your children are," he said. "Don't leave them to government to be the parents of your kids. We need you, parents, please, to help us make sure your young people are safe."

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Cops and/or politicians shot 22 people already this weekend?

We know it was cops and/or politicians,because nobody else can own a gun in Chicago.
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The number has risen.

Chicago sees 35 people shot, 5 killed, in bloody July 4 weekend
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