Author Topic: CNN Host Goes on Racist Tweet-Storm Against Clarence Thomas  (Read 117 times)

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CNN Host Goes on Racist Tweet-Storm Against Clarence Thomas

By Bonchie
Jul 01, 2022

CNN host and (allegedly) former drug-addict Rex Chapman, consistently one of the worst people to inhabit the bowels of the internet, launched into a racist tweet-storm against Justice Clarence Thomas on Thursday evening.

Chapman, who had a show on the now-defunct CNN+ but is still listed as a “CNN host” on the liberal network’s website, attacked Thomas with a series of insinuations that he’s not really black, going so far as to use pictures of Thomas’ wife as some kind of slam.

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Later, when one user responded by using a Dave Chappelle reference to say that Thomas is a “black white supremacist,” Chapman, responded with an on-target emoji, indicating he agreed with the critique.

Apparently, you must do drugs and go to NBA games to actually be black, according to Chapman, who is white. Who knew? Here’s a succinct rebuttal to that notion.

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The idea that Thomas is somehow not authentically black because he has differing ideological viewpoints regarding politics is ludicrous. As noted, we are talking about a man who grew up during segregation in the South, suffered under extreme poverty, and rose to be perhaps the most brilliant Supreme Court justice of all time. Chapman would have you believe that’s not a story of black success, though. Ask yourself why? Is it because black people are only acceptable when they do what Chapman wants? That sure sounds like racism to me.

I want to broaden things out here, though, because ultimately, this isn’t about Chapman and his clearly racist views. We should all expect him to be an absolute, bigoted clown with no ability to control himself. After all, this is a guy who blew $50 million dollars while getting arrested for shoplifting and being hooked on painkillers. He’s an idiot and a sideshow.

What this is really about is a media complex that continues to elevate objectively terrible people simply because they have the right politics and are willing to say outrageous things to advance “the message.” We all remember Michael Avenatti’s rise to fame because he told CNN what they wanted to hear about Donald Trump. Not once did the liberal network stop to vet him and think about whether they were putting a crook on air. He shouted that the orange man is bad and that was enough.

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