Author Topic: Vietnam ‘Napalm Girl’ gets final skin treatment in Miami 50 years after iconic photo  (Read 746 times)

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Vietnam ‘Napalm Girl’ gets final skin treatment in Miami 50 years after iconic photo

By Selim Algar
June 29, 2022

The Vietnamese girl featured in one of America’s most iconic war photos marked an emotional milestone in her half-century of healing this week in Florida.

The 1972 image of Kim Phuc Phan Ti’s scalded body and anguished expression — earning her the nickname “Napalm Girl” — embedded itself into the nation’s psyche after a photojournalist captured the 9-year-old running down a street in horror after the bombing.

Now 59, Phan Ti received her final skin treatment at a Miami clinic this week after decades of pain that continued to plague her scarred torso.

Phan Ti recalled the day of the 1972 bombing, telling CBS News this week that she was playing with other children when Vietnamese soldiers told her to run.

“And I look up I saw the airplane and four bombs landing like that,” she said.

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Wow.  Hard to fathom that it has taken this long for her to get (and complete) treatment for the scars.  Glad to see it was done pro bono, in any case.
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Some scars never heal.
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