Author Topic: SpaceX Is Asking Americans for Help, Starlink Internet Is in FCC's Hands  (Read 561 times)

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Autoevolution by  Florin Amariei 6/28/2022

SpaceX sent out an electronic letter to its users regarding Starlink. The company says lobbyists hired by competitors are playing unfairly. Elon Musk’s aerospace entity claims Dish and RS Access are trying to render Starlink almost useless. Now customers are asked to step in.

SpaceX argues in the message sent to its U.S. customers that Dish has sent numerous exaggerated reports through “paid lobbyists” with the only goal to keep its spectrum hegemony intact. The satellite TV company has previously been convicted of buying unneeded AWS-3 spectrum and was ordered to pay over $515 million for not investing in any new services or technology that would help Americans.

Starlink’s competitors haven’t brought anything important to the table in the last ten years. Meanwhile, SpaceX already has almost 500,000 customers and reportedly builds nearly 5,000 satellites every week with the sole aim to offer internet to virtually any country on Earth.