Author Topic: Pro-abortion women threaten sex strike over Roe v. Wade reversal, pro-life Americans point out major  (Read 644 times)

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Pro-abortion women threaten sex strike over Roe v. Wade reversal, pro-life Americans point out major flaw in liberals' abortion ultimatum: 'Your terms are acceptable'

Pro-abortion women are threatening to go on a sex strike following the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. However, pro-life Americans exposed a major flaw in the abortion ultimatum by liberals. In a rare instance, pro-life Americans completely agree with pro-abortion activists for them to practice abstinence.....

Here are just some of the dozens of sex strike threats made by pro-abortion women on Twitter:

"Sex Strike starting immediately. No sex with cis straight conservative men. No sex with men who aren't supporting our rights and fighting for this to be fixed. No sex until Roe vs. Wade is viewed as a constitutional right."
"I live in New York and I am DOUBLE FURIOUS with the Supreme Court . I want to find people who are coordinating a mass sex strike . That is our power."....
"Sex strike. Work strike. Spending strike. We’re not going to f*** you. We’re not doing your menial less-paid jobs. We’re not cleaning up your s**t. We’re not buying ANYTHING in your stores. You want to flex on women? Okay motherf***ers."....

However, pro-life Americans pointed out why the sex strike proposal completely backfires on liberals:

"Do all these women who say they’re going on a sex strike realize that they’ve now solved their abortion problem?"
"That moment when you realize if you go on #SexStrike you won’t need an abortion."
"Nicely done ladies! Abstaining from sex prevents an unwanted pregnancy and abortion."
"To people tweeting this, your terms are acceptable. We actually have no issue with you taking responsibility for once in your lives and not just having meaningless sex that ends with you taking an innocent human life."
"I don’t understand the logic behind going on a #sexstrike. Who exactly are you hurting by doing this aside from yourself and your partner? And if you love abortions the world is probably better off if you don’t have sex anyway."
"I am wondering if these ladies recognize that their pro-choice/abortion husbands would be the victims, while the pro-life husband and wives could protest this movement by simply having sex. Too Hilarious!"
"Dear people with blue hair: You can’t go on a sex strike if no one wants to bang you to begin with." ***(my personal favorite)***
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