Author Topic: Exclusive — Carrie Severino: Merrick Garland Ignored Threats Against Brett Kavanaugh After Serving 1  (Read 141 times)

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Exclusive — Carrie Severino: Merrick Garland Ignored Threats Against Brett Kavanaugh After Serving 10 Years Together as Federal Judges

Robert Kraychik 9 Jun 2022

Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, said on Thursday that Attorney General Merrick Garland did little in his capacity as head of the U.S. Department of Justice  to prosecute criminal threats against his former collegue, Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Garland was a federal judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit between 1997 and 2020, including seven years as the court’s chief judge. Kavanaugh served as a federal judge alongside Garland on the same court between 2006 and 2018.

“What’s so flabbergasting to me is that Merrick Garland was a federal judge,” Severino remarked on Friday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow. “He served with Justice Kavanaugh for a decade. I don’t understand why we’ve seen in him — as attorney general — really just allowing the most radical liberal voices to just run ramshackle over all of what the Department of Justice’s real priorities ought to be.”

Federal officials charged Nicholas John Roske, a 26-year-old man from California, with attempted murder on Wednesday for allegedly seeking to assassinate Kavanaugh for political reasons, including the accused’s stated objection to a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court overruling Roe. v. Wade. Left-wing protesters remained outside of Kavanaugh’s home in Chevy Chase, MD, after Roske was arrested and charged.


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The democrats are secretly salivating at the possibility that one or more of the conservative justices could be assassinated - they want it to happen, and they’re willing to let it happen - because that would allow them to immediately replace the murdered justices with pliant left-wing poseurs, in the mould of Breyers replacement. 

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This tells me absolutely nothing about Garland's moral compass.  He was always a killer at heart.
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