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FBI prior knowledge of and/or contact with mass shooters


I came across this 2021 thread on Twitter. The guy has found some interesting facts.
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Some examples of FBI prior knowledge of and/or contact with mass shooters
4:11 PM ยท May 22, 2021

Suicidal weed-smoking pizza guy posts pic of himself with gun & ISIS reference. Fed reaches out pretending to be romantically-interested woman, gets him to fall in love, relentlessly pressures him to commit a mass shooting, arrests him after he refuses. How a suicidal pizza man found himself ensnared in an FBI terror sting

A couple folks have pointed out that this shooting is even crazier than it seems--not only did an FBI agent egg a shooter on in the weeks before the attack; the agent was in a car behind the shooters *at the shooting*, taking pics, then fled and was caught by cops. Bananas.

a recent example of the FBI having a mass shooter on their radar in advance was the Boulder shooter in March link to NYT story

The FBI received multiple reports of threats of school shootings by Nikolas Cruz before he shot up Parkland high school in 2018 link to NYT story
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Much more:
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