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What 'Moving On' Has Cost Us

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--- Quote from: sneakypete on May 07, 2022, 02:05:36 pm ---@Smokin Joe

I understand some of them MAY even have Chinese wife/handlers.

--- End quote ---

And many that don't are still on the payroll.


IMHO this article needs to be put somewhere MUCH more prominent.


--- Quote from: Smokin Joe on May 07, 2022, 01:01:48 pm ---I do not believe it was a lack of Republican courage that prevented draining the Swamp, so much as key GOP members being full-blown participants in that ecology.

--- End quote ---

It would help to have a President committed to draining the Swamp.    Trump certainly wasn't that President.

Gaetz was in the first two weeks of Jan what Trump was in 2016: he pretty much exposed who was an establishment shill and who wasn't.

Now, I do believe there is some nuance to that (even Gaetz "capitulated" when McCarthy gave him mostly what he wanted), and I am not ready to completely write of some people who supported McCarthy form the start (MTG).

However, with Crowder's latest revelations about DW, I am beginning to wonder if we don't need to drain our own swamp before we drain the American swamp.

Free Vulcan:
Another big problem is our intelligence and Federal law enforcement agencies. It seems like when someone does stand up, they are threatened, offed, or charges are trumped up against them, pun intended.

Fortunately I'm not wealthy or in charge, because my prescription would be....radical.


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